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Reciprocal IVF: The experience

Reciprocal IVF (the ROPA method) is an assisted reproduction treatment allowing female couples that both participate in maternity. The acronym means “Reception of Oocytes from the PArtner”. Reciprocal IVF, what is it? In a Reciprocal IVF treatment one of the partners will first undergo an IVF cycle. The obtained embryos, once the oocytes are fertilized… Read more

Risky pregnancy after assisted reproduction?

A pregnancy reached by an assisted reproduction treatment is usually more risky than a natural one. This is due to three factors: Patients with sterility problems are older than women who get pregnant in a natural way. More multiple pregnancies occur and they are riskier than a single pregnancy The problem that causes the sterility… Read more

What is Artificial Insemination?

The Artificial Insemination is an artificial reproduction treatment in which the sperm in positioned in the uterine cavity of the patient during the ovulatory phase. The semen can be from the partner (artificial insemination with semen from the couple) or from a donor (artificial insemination with semen of a donor). Artificial Insemination: the treatment The… Read more

In vitro fertilisation, the best treatment to get pregnant

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is the treatment of assisted reproduction with the best chances of success. In many cases it is the definitive treatment that is resorted to getting pregnant. In vitro fertilisation – What does it mean? The process of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) can be divided into 4 steps: 1. Ovarian stimulation: In… Read more

The average age of women performing assisted reproduction treatments is delayed

In just 10 years, the average age at which women ask for assisted reproduction treatment has increased from 33 to 40. In these 10 years the profile of patients attending the consultation has changed, as the number of lesbians and women who choose single motherhood has since increased considerably. In fertility, the age of a… Read more