Embryo donation Spain

Embryo donation Spain
What is embryo donation?

What is embryo donation?

Embryo donation is a reproduction treatment in which the recipient receives donated embryos from couples that do not want any more children.

Steps of the process

Embryo donation consists of two main steps:

Endometrial preparation
Endometrial preparation
Thawing and embryo transfer
Thawing and embryo transfer

How is the treatment performed?

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General information

When is embryo donation recommended?

Embryo donation is recommended in those cases of fertility problems that need to resort to gamete donation and prefer to use donated embryos.

In many cases, embryo donation is a very good alternative to achieve a pregnancy.

Which previous tests are necessary?

In order to perform an embryo donation treatment, the following tests are necessary:

  • Gynaecological ultrasound to rule out uterine and ovarian diseases.
  • Serologic test to rule out the presence of transmissible infectious diseases.

Embryo donors

Who are the donors?
In order for an embryo to be donated for reproductive purposes, it must originate from a couple in which both members comply with all the legal requirements to be considered as donors.

Embryo transfer

How are the embryos transferred?

The transfer of donated embryos just requires good endometrial development by the woman.

Therefore, an oral or transdermal hormone therapy is used which is administered from the start of the cycle, since no synchronisation with the female donor is needed in this case.

A few days later, we check that the endometrium has been prepared correctly and the transfer day is arranged. The embryos are thawed on the day of their transfer and are implanted inside the uterus.

Positive results

The success rates for embryo donation are the same as those of frozen embryo transfer, which is why it is an option that many couples consider.

Price of embryo donation

The price of embryo donation fertility treatment is 2.950 and includes:

  • Medical appointments
  • Ultrasound scans during the cycle
  • Hormone tests during the cycle
  • Transfer
  • B-hCG
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