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IVF with egg donation from 3850 euros

Egg donation is the assisted reproduction treatment where eggs from a female donor and the sperm from a partner or donor are fertilized in the laboratory. At Barcelona IVF you can carry out this treatment for 3850 euros. When is egg donation indicated? IVF donation using donor eggs is indicated for those patients who due… Read more

Own eggs or egg donation?

In Vitro fertilisation can be carried out with your own eggs or using eggs from a donor. Without a doubt, the egg is the most important factor in the prognosis of an IVF, despite the sperm and the uterus also being part of the process. There are many illnesses, genetic alterations, disorders that can cause… Read more

How to survive an egg donation treatment

Once we know the treatment to be carried out is an egg donation, the hardest part is to accept the donation. Making decisions before starting the treatment is very important, that is why we recommend a first visit with our psychologist at the clinic. First visit with the psychologist The aim of the first visit… Read more

Egg Donation, the solution for problems related to oocytes

Egg Donation is an In Vitro Fertilization in which oocytes, donated by another woman, are used. This is the ultimate solution for cases when women can’t produce oocytes or their oocytes are of poor quality. Advantages of egg donation • Simplicity: despite being an In Vitro Fertilization, the preparation is very simple for the recipient… Read more