Single mothers. Fertility treatments


The number of single mothers by choice continues growing in our country and more of them attend fertility centres in search of a pregnancy. Thanks to developments in reproductive medicine it is possible to obtain this by resorting to donor sperm banks. The single parent model is contemplated by the 14/2006 law where it specifies that any woman can be a recipient of assisted reproduction techniques independently to her civil status.

The treatment will depend on the age and medical history of the woman. The Assisted reproduction technique to be followed will be recommended using tools of diagnosis such as the ultrasound, hormonal blood tests and fallopian tube studies.

Artificial insemination with donor sperm (IUI)

Artificial insemination with donor sperm is the adequate treatment when a woman is young, fallopian tubes are permeable and the ovarian reserve is correct.
It’s a technique that consists in the deposit of spermatozoids from an anonymous donor into the interior of the uterus. Before this stage, the patients has do undergo an ovarian stimulation through the administration of hormones. This process will be monitored via ultrasounds and blood tests and when ready the sperm sample will be introduced via a catheter into the uterine cavity.

In vitro fertilización (IVF)

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) with donor sperm is indicated when there is a problem with the tubes, the ovarian reserve is low and/or other previous IUI’s have failed.
IVF consists in stimulating the ovaries to produce eggs by using a hormonal treatment. When there are enough follicles, the egg retrieval will be programmed and carried out under general anaesthetic. Once obtained , he eggs will be fertilised with sperm from a bank and 5 days later 1 or 2 eggs will be transferred in the uterus of the woman.
On occasions, when the ovarian reserve of the woman is low and it is not possible to carry out the treatment with her eggs, an egg donation will be required using donor sperm.

Guarantees for single mothers

In both cases, donor sperm from a sperm bank is used. The selection of the donors is carried out following a rigorous study which comprises health controls to avoid the transmission of genetic, hereditary or infectious diseases.
In Spain, donation of sperm is anonymous, which protects both the identity of the donor as well as that of the patient and her offspring. However, it’s possible to know general information on the donor such as his physical characteristics, blood type and age, always following the law and respecting the privacy of all parties involved.


Riya Shankar

IVF is our only chance to have a baby as me and my female partner are really eager to have a child. I had an IVF treatment in Bournhall Clinic in Dubai last month, as we also did gender selection during the treatment. Wish us luck for the complete success!


Thanks for sharing this informative, it give more confident and positivity to the one who is doing infertility treatment for the first time

Patrick Quinn

I am glad that you shared such an informative article. It can really be an inspiration for the ones who are unable to conceive and want some path to follow to become a mother.


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