Fertility, can I preserve it?

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If you are a woman under 40 years and at the moment you don’t think about motherhood, this article can be of interest to you. Nowadays thanks to the egg vitrification it is possible to postpone motherhood. If you don’t want be a mother yet, but it’s your dream being one in the future, it’s important that you keep in mind the possibility of preserving your fertility.

Fertility: Preservation techniques

We know that women with age lose their fertility. Therefore it is important to preserve it and having your eggs available at the same conditions as when they were vitrificated so you can use them in future if needed. In case you’ll think of motherhood when the quality of your eggs is not ideal anymore, this way allows you to use your frozen eggs and keep your own genetics without needing to perform an egg donation treatment.

Egg Vitrification to preserve fertility

Egg vitrification is the technique of freezing that offers the best survival rates of eggs as well as the best pregnancy rates once they are thawed and fertilized. Therefore it is the most suitable technique if you wish to preserve your fertility.

It’s a simple procedure that lasts between 10 to 15 days and the current medication have no major side effects. Before starting the procedure, it will be necessary to know the condition of your ovarian reserve in order to be able to give you a prognosis as well as to adapt the best treatment protocol in your case and thus to achieve to preserve your fertility.

The procedure will start in the first days of your period by administering subcutaneous injections in order to stimulate the egg production. During 8-10 days you have to take the medication and perform ultrasound scan controls in order to see the evolution of the follicles. Once we get an adequate number and size, the ovarian puncture is programmed.

The ovarian puncture is performed under sedation and in an outpatient setting which means that on that day you need to stay in the clinic about 3-4 hours. On the same day, once we have obtained the eggs, you will know how many can be frozen for your future.
As you see, egg vitrification is a perfect technique for preserving women’s fertility.

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