Does progesterone need to be administered in the treatments?

We recommend its use as support in treatments like artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation during the luteal phase. Above all, despite the ovaries functioning correctly, exogenous progesterone is administered during in vitro fertilisation due to the possible negative effect of the follicular puncture, to ensure adequate levels until the placenta takes over production.

By contrast, progesterone administration is essential during egg donation, embryo donation or frozen embryo transfer treatments to achieve a pregnancy and so that they develop correctly. In these treatments, we are looking for ovaries that do not work so that they do not interfere with endometrial preparation, so we have to administer ourselves the progesterone needed to achieve a pregnancy and maintain its development.

In Spain, progesterone preparations are recommended for vaginal, oral or subcutaneous administration. Initially, we recommend vaginal administration since its effect is mainly inside the uterus, thus avoiding its systemic side effects, such as dizziness. Progesterone by subcutaneous administration is an alternative for patients that have allergies or those with suspected malabsorption by vaginal administration.

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