Barcelona IVF on the news in French Television – TF1.

This weekend in several French cities massive demonstrations have taken place in  .On Saturday more than 50.000 of people have marched in cities like Marseille, Nîmes or Nantes and on Sunday more than 150.000 of people demonstrated in Paris in favor of same-sex marriage and rights.

In France homosexual couples and single women have not the right to undergo Assisted Reproduction treatments and have to travel to countries like Spain in order to perform, depending on their case, artificial insemination treatments, IVF and Egg Donation Treatments with Sperm from a Sperm bank. Barcelona is the city that receives the most French lesbian couples and single women and it shows that Barcelona IVF increasingly receives more and more French patients in order to perform fertility treatments.

Here you the link where Barcelona IVF makes the news on TF1.

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