Why asking Dr. Google about infertility could be funny

This article does not intend to help you to get pregnant but to cope with your infertility. Life is really hard, and having problems to conceive makes it even harder. But the way you approach this problem could make your life a nightmare. Every professional agrees that psychological support is vital to lead a normal life when you’re about to face the wander in the wilderness that any assisted reproduction treatment is. But, is there any better way to get rid of all the underlying stress of an IVF or an egg donation than the sense of humour? I don’t mean that it’s easy to laugh at infertility when you are immersed in it (though you can find 999 reasons here) but if you accomplish it, believe me, your trip will be more comfortable.

This is why I’d like to comment some surprising fertility news that have been recently published on websites, and that you can find if you ask Dr. Google (a useful tool that should be handle with caution). All of them make me laugh, and at the same time arise some concern about the responsibility of who has published them, but, anyway, I want to share them with you.

  1. This underwear should help you to get pregnant. It’s now clear that the fact of using tight underwear does not affect the quality of the sperm. It was though that this tightness could lead to a higher testicular temperature and this would decrease the sperm production. This temperature increase is not enough to affect the sperm production, so there’s no way the underwear can improve your fertility. However what was really hilarious was the fact that the designers could think that a being in a “motherhood” status thanks to a special “button-up top designed for breast-feeding”. What breast-feeding has to do with infertility? Incredible!
  2. Some miraculous devices with strange but lovely names can help you to get pregnant. You start reading with great delight to see if it’s worth it to but the £495 device only to suddenly realize that this device has helped to get pregnant someone who has already got pregnant three times before. So, where’s the miracle? How has this “ground-breaking temperature measuring device” helped to deal with the three previous miscarriages of this couple? Is basal temperature in the cycle you conceive related to miscarriages? No it isn’t.
  3. As long as you have menses you have hope. I can’t believe how anyone can use celebrity names to give hope to patients that are in their late forties and are trying to conceive naturally. Of course we’ve all heard of someone who has been lucky enough, but these are exceptions, and as doctors we should work with what usually happens. The cruel true is that once women are beyond 45 the odds of getting pregnant are really slim. I can’t deal with people (I don’t dare to use the word “doctor” here) that advice to try to conceive naturally in these cases. The real chances of getting pregnant after 45 are 1% per month, and they drastically drop each year. Moreover, if you get pregnant, you should expect a miscarriage rate higher than 50%. What would be then the real “baby at home” rate? Work it out yourself. Ridiculous.

You may not find this news funny. To some extend neither do I. If they had made me laugh is because I think that no one in his right mind would consider them serious. My only intention was to drop some informal information in this otherwise serious website. And because of that I must recommend this articleto finish this string of words with a smile. 

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