What results does an endometrial receptivity test offer and how long does it take?

After analyzing the endometrial sample by genetic comparison, the test result will be in the near future in 20 days and may be:

  • Receptive: The endometrial sample is expressing the receptivity genes, so the implantation window corresponds to the day the biopsy was performed. This time of the cycle is optimal for embryo transfer and it would not be necessary to repeat the ERA Test.
  • Non-receptive : the endometrial sample is not expressing the endometrial receptivity genes and, therefore, the day on which the biopsy was obtained does not correspond to the implantation window period, which is displaced. In this case it would be necessary to repeat the test on another day of the menstrual cycle to find where the implantation window is.

Therefore, if the endometrium is not receptive, the guideline will be adjusted to adapt the day of embryo transfer to the correct moment of receptivity of the endometrium. In contrast, if the ERA test results provide endometrial receptivity, then the specialist will begin with the preparation of the endometrium so that it acquires the ideal characteristics for embryonic implantation.

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