Spanish woman gives birth after ovarian tissue transplant.

This is the first time in Spain that a woman gives birth after having undergone an ovarian transplant. Mercedes, 32 years old, needed surgery when she was 21, and both ovaries were removed due to border-line tumors. But small portions of the ovarian tissue were cryopreserved to be transplanted in the future. Thanks to this transplanted ovarian tissue, and after undergoing an IVF, Lucas was born in July 2012.

In cases were fertility is in danger, the doctors have different options to preserve it: oocytes vitrification, embryo cryopreservation or ovarian tissue freezing. Nowadays, and thanks to the vitrification, the most commonly used techniques is the oocytes freezing. But in cases of children that need oncologic treatments that may jeopardize their future fertility the ovarian tissue cryopreservation is the best option, since these patients cannot undergo an IVF to collect their oocytes.

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