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IMSI : The impact of sperm morphology

In IMSI (intra-cytoplasmic morphologically-selected sperm injection) the sperm is selected through high power light microscopy which multiples the image of individual sperm (up to 8000 times versus 400 in classical ICSI) and allows to visualize structures that until now went totally unnoticed. The selection of those spermatozoa will help us among others to improve the results for couples with embryo implantation failures, severe teratozoospermia and diagnosis in sperm fragmentation. But can we improve the results for all groups of patients? Randomized studies and the utilization of this technique will give us the answer within the next years. However, we need to take in account that IMSI is a complex technique that requires wide experience in order to obtain satisfactory results. Therefore deploying this technique as a routine technique in a laboratory requires an important financial and human investment.

In Barcelona IVF, we have the knowledge, the experience and the necessary material means which allows us to offer this technique with the maximum guarantees. Our commitment to research and development makes that IMSI is an essential tool in our centre in order to be able to offer our patients the maximum quality of services and to improve day by day the results of assisted reproduction techniques. 

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