When does implantation bleeding occur?

It is common for patients to recount light and heavy bleeding during the first days following embryo transfer. One of the causes for this bleeding is the manipulation of the uterine neck by the catheter’s passage. This bleeding originated from the cervix and does not affect embryo implantation. In these cases, nothing needs to be done.

In other cases, this bleeding appears a bit later. After an assisted reproduction treatment or even in spontaneous gestations at the start of pregnancy, high levels of oestrogen and progesterone make the uterine neck more friable and bleed on minimal contact, so that the progesterone egg rubs against the cervix or sexual intercourse can cause light localised bleeding that does not have major consequences.

When this bleeding is heavier or accompanied by pain, it can result from a threatened miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. Despite a significant portion of this bleeding not having major consequences, our advice is to contact the medical team in the event of bleeding to assess the cause and act accordingly.

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