Assisted reproduction laboratory of Barcelona IVF: Last generation Thermo sealing machine

To maintain their standards of quality, BarcelonaIVFhas the first Thermo sealing machinedistributed in Spain for sealing any type of container. The new SYMS II allows the sealing of high security straws of embryos and cryotubes of semen of 0.3, 0.5 and 2 mL. The seal of the cryotubes presents a crucial advantage over traditional thread closure and it maximizes the isolation of samples, eliminating the risk of infection if handling contaminated samples.

In addition for its ergonomics, allows using it on any surface including inside the laminar flow cabinet, which reduces the risk of embryos being affected by adverse environmental conditions.

The touch screen allows choosing, even with gloves, the container to thermo sealing, as well as its use in manual or automatic mode. You can regulate the temperature of sealing and the exposure time for each of the containers thus guaranteeing the quality of the seal.  In this way patients from in vitro fertilization, egg donation and in general any person subjected to treatment in Barcelona IVF can be assured that collected samples and their embryos remain in the highest standards of security. 

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