What profile does an egg donor have?

Donor selection is one of the most important processes in egg donation. They are young women, primarily aged between 20 and 30, who previously underwent testing to dismiss that they suffer from any type of problem, both physical or mental.

It should be stressed that at Barcelona IVF, we perform a test on our donors to dismiss more than 400 possible hereditary diseases, thus ensuring the highest quality in the selection process. The medical team will choose the donor in each case so that they have the greatest similarity to the patient, both physically and in terms of blood group.

Egg donation at Barcelona IVF is an effective and safe fertility treatment for all those women that are trying to become pregnant and who have been diagnosed with an egg condition that cannot be resolved any other way. The success of egg donation is around 80% and does not depend on the woman’s age, which makes it the best option to achieve a pregnancy in women aged over 43.

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