Dra. Olga Serra

Dr. Olga Serra

My dream was always to be a doctor; when my friends played with toys, I used to heal dolls. I cannot imagine practicing any other profession that is not linked to medicine.  When I finished my training as a gynaecologist, I was lucky to learn more on assisted reproduction, which opened a new world to me when I saw how two small cells can help us achieve the greatest dream of all: having a child. 

The aspiration of having a child involves a very significant emotional toll on patients, therefore I do not think it is enough for them to have a good professional in front of them, who relies upon the best laboratory and latest technology; they also need to feel understood and supported throughout this process. 

At Barcelona IVF, I am able to work with a great team and an excellent laboratory with the best technology for achieving the best possible results; I am glad to share the same goal with the rest of my colleagues: trying to provide, at all times, each patient with all they require to fulfill their dream of having a child.