Assisted reproduction: does stress cause infertility?

Stress as a "contraceptive" by Barcelona IVF psychologist Atze Mena.

Sometimes you might have wondered whether stress is the cause of non-pregnancy. The reality is that there still don’t exist any psychological studies that have demonstrated that stress is an infertility cause. In fact there are not more or less achieved pregnancies depending on how much nervous you are, but there is a relationship between stress factors and the quality of life maintained during assisted reproduction treatments. Many people act in a similar way to worries such as not achieving a pregnancy easily. Then you can enter a stress level in which, if it is accurate to the situation you are living, you activate adaptive mechanisms which are correct, and then, if you ask for the proper professional help, this stress should not be the cause of non- pregnancy. When the situation gets worse and is maintained, over time it can provide patterns of physiological and behavioral actions that aggravate the process as a reaction to stress. It is in this case when we should not hesitate to seek psychological support in order to resolve our emotional distress. 

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