What selection criteria apply to embryo donation?

The Spanish Assisted Reproduction Act allows frozen embryos to be donated to other patients.

According to Law 14/2006, of 26 May, on assisted human reproduction techniques donors must be over 18 years old, be in good psychophysical health and have full capacity to act. 

Their psychophysical state shall meet the requirements of a compulsory donor study protocol which shall include their phenotypic and psychological characteristics, as well as the clinical conditions and analytical determinations necessary to demonstrate, according to the state of knowledge of science and technology existing at the time of its implementation, that donors do not suffer from genetic, hereditary or infectious diseases transmissible to offspring. 

The same conditions shall apply to samples from donors from other countries; in this case, the persons in charge of the corresponding remisor centre must prove compliance with all the conditions and tests that cannot be determined in the samples sent to their reception. 

In any case, the authorized centers may refuse the donation when the psychophysical conditions of the donor are not adequate.

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