Marcela's story with Embryo Donation

In this episode we are going to talk about Marcela and her experience with Embryo Donation. She was convinced since the beginning to undergo an Embryo donation and thanks to that she has now two beautiful twins.

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IN Fertile-CAST: The Barcelona IVF podcast.

[00:00:14.020] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

Good morning. It's Michela here from Barcelona IVF, and today we have a new episode of IN Fertile podcast. We have with us Marcela, who went through an embryo donation six years ago, and thanks to that she got to beautiful things. Who is not familiar with this treatment? Embryo donation is a reproduction treatment in which the recipient receives donated embryos from couples that don't want any more children. We can now welcome in Marcela and ask her some questions about her experience with embryo donation. Hi, Marcela.

[00:00:48.700] - Marcela

Hi, how are you?

[00:00:50.380] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

Hi, I'm very good. How are you?

[00:00:52.780] - Marcela

I'm fine. Thank you.

[00:00:54.240] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

Thank you for having accepted our invitation today.

[00:00:58.640] - Marcela

You're very welcome.

[00:01:00.230] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

I'm going to start with some question about your experience. How did you arrive to take a decision to undergo a fertility treatment?

[00:01:11.550] - Marcela

Well, we like to get pregnant, but it didn't work out for us, so we searched for clinics because it happens to be that I had a very low AMH. We started to search for clinics in Spain because Spain is famous in the Netherlands and Belgium for its fertility clinics. We came up with you guys because it was a very positive answer from you.

[00:01:42.440] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

Perfect. Thanks. I know you decided to undergo an embryo donation. You already knew this treatment or you got guided by our doctor?

[00:01:54.120] - Marcela

No, we already knew it.

[00:01:56.730] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

Okay. You made your researches by yourself and you got informed, right?

[00:02:03.040] - Marcela


[00:02:03.550] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

Perfect. How was the approach with our clinic? Why did you choose us? It was easy to communicate with us?

[00:02:13.400] - Marcela

Yes, it was very, very easy to communicate with your clinic and very trustworthy, so yeah, we choose IVF Barcelona.

[00:02:26.480] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

All right. A lot of couples don't choose embryo donation because they're worried about the fact that the kid won't look like them. Do you have such worries or not?

[00:02:40.900] - Marcela

No, we didn't worry about that at all because we sent pictures of us and we asked, "Can the kids look like us?" And they say, "Well, it isn't a problem. We will search for that." I have to say the twins, yeah, they resemble us. Yes. No worries at all.

[00:03:01.600] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

That's very important because it's the thing that worried the most the couple. But actually, we put a lot of effort in order to make a perfect match between embryos and parents. I'm very glad to hear that. How was the procedure? Did you have to take a lot of drugs?

[00:03:27.060] - Marcela

Well, yeah. The transfer was in July 2016, and I started with two different types of medication in May 2016 and I ended that in August. So for me, it was not a lot of medication.

[00:03:43.240] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

All right. That's important to make the process a bit smooth.

[00:03:49.480] - Marcela

Yeah, exactly.

[00:03:52.020] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

Nice. How did you feel before and after the transfer?

[00:03:58.020] - Marcela

Well, before I was very excited, yeah, well, it finally happened. After the treatment, I started to have dizziness, blurry vision, and changes in my blood pressure. I contacted IVF Barcelona and they said, "Yeah, it's a sign of the pregnancy. So it's okay, don't worry about it."

[00:04:25.000] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

You relaxed and then when you did the test, actually, you discovered that they were right.

[00:04:32.150] - Marcela

Yes, indeed.

[00:04:34.580] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

Okay, wonderful. Have you ever thought to talk to your kids about the way you conceived them?

[00:04:43.300] - Marcela

Yes. As a matter of fact, we visited the clinic last summer and it was a nice experience for us. But the twins are still very young. They are five years old and they don't understand that very well. But I think when they are about 10 years old, they will understand and we will talk about it with them.

[00:05:05.100] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

I think it's very important to talk to them about the way they're being conceived with their normality because actually there's no taboo in that. It's very normal. It's a very nice decision to take from the parents to talk to them about that. Do you have any tips for who's thinking to undergo an embryo donation?

[00:05:32.400] - Marcela

Yeah. My advice is search for a lot of clinics, contact them, see how you feel about it and take the clinic you feel the best with that clinic and go along with them.

[00:05:50.620] - Michela de Barcelona IVF

Perfect. Thanks. Thank you, Marcela. Thanks a lot for having shared your story. I would like to add that nowadays, more and more couples and single women are considering embryo donation as an option for different reasons. For example, for its high success rate, for its affordability, and because it allows good embryos to become live. Thanks again, Marcela, and I'll see you for the next episode of IN Fertile-CAST. Thank you, Marcela. Bye-bye.

[00:06:29.540] - Marcela

Thank you. Bye-bye.

[00:06:41.370] - Barcelona IVF

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