What type of fertility treatments do you offer?

If you would like to fulfil your dream of having children here at Barcelona IVF we offer you the answers to your infertility problems, with the most innovative assisted reproduction treatments. Our team of experts supported by more than 20 years’ experience will help you find the most suitable treatment for you.

  • Artificial insemination: Artificial Insemination is a fertility treatment in which a sperm sample from your partner or from a donor is placed inside the uterus. If the problem in conceiving is caused by low sperm quality or by an ovarian dysfunction, due to polycystic ovaries for example, this would be the most suitable treatment.
  • In vitro fertilisation (IVF): IVF is a treatment where the egg is fertilized with a spermatozoon in the laboratory aiming to create better embryos to introduce in the uterus. It is the most effective option when other fertility treatments have been unsuccessful or when there are other problems, such as endometriosis, lesions, lack of Fallopian tubes or severe sperm quality problems.
  • Donation: Donation is a good solution when trying to avoid any problems existing in the eggs or spermatozoa. If you would like to help other couples achieve their dream of becoming parents, you can donate your eggs, sperm or embryos.
  • Fertility preservation: The freezing or vitrification of eggs at an age where they still have good pregnancy potential allows maternity to be postponed until the best moment with full guarantee.
  • Reciprocal IVF: If you are a female couple and both thinking of participating in a pregnancy project, Reciprocal IVF is your best option. One woman will provide her eggs functioning as the donor, and the other will receive the embryo transfer functioning as the recipient.
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