What is Embryoscope?

Embryoscope is a highly developed embryo incubator containing image technology for continuous time-lapse record. This allows obtaining a complete video of the embryos since their initiation of life.

What advantages brings Embryoscope?

Embryoscope improves the conditions for embryo culture compared to conventional incubators thus increases also pregnancy probabilities.

Each embryo has its own individual space and therefore does not share the culture with the rest of the embryos. The image system time-lapse allows evaluating the embryos in every moment without the necessity to take them out of the incubator and expose them to changes of temperature and light. Without these variations of culture conditions the obtained embryos are of a better quality, thus have higher chances to result in pregnancy.

Thanks to the continuous record of the embryo development, we are able to determine the division rhythm of the cells and select not only the morphologically best embryos but also the ones with the highest implantation probabilities and achieve like this better pregnancy rates.

Which advantages has Embryoscope compared to other embryo incubator recording systems?

Currently the system with most studies and references is Embryoscope.

The image obtained with Embryoscope is clearly superior to other time-lapse devices.

The selection parameters of the embryos with Embryoscope are not reproducible in every laboratory; hence the biologist is fundamental when it comes to the selection of the embryos. There is no more automated embryo selection like with other devices.

The Embryoscope permits to maintain the embryo culture conditions stable since the space of each embryo is smaller and variations are therefore lighter.