Dra. Pilar Carrillo

Everyone who knows me knows that my profession is a fundamental pillar in my life. Being a doctor and dedicating my career to bringing life into this world is, for me, the greatest of privileges and it excites me to think that we can contribute to the life project of a couple who wants to increase the size of their family.

They say that medicine is the least exact of the sciences yet, at the same time, the most humane.  That's why I like to transmit trust to my patients, as well as the honesty and friendliness that I think they deserve – not to mention the latest scientific evidence available.

At Barcelona IVF, I feel like I can work in an environment where constant professionalism and a true desire to improve prevail, as well as the guarantee of technical and human excellence, having all the necessary elements at my disposal to offer impeccable care to my patients.