Dr. Luca Rivoli

When I was little, I always imagined myself working as a doctor when I grew up.

At the beginning of my degree, it was all about passion and dedication. Then, over time, my career took on a deeper, more personal, intimate meaning. Helping my patients during childbirth and seeing their babies born brought me great joy and, at the same time, it made me think about things. How could everything be so perfect? And why couldn't some couples make this dream come true?

Assisted reproductive technologies were the answer to my questions, and an internship at Barcelona IVF during my medical specialization gave me the necessary tools to understand what prevented some couples from realizing their dream of bringing new life into the world.

Working at Barcelona IVF in a cutting-edge, international environment with a team of great experts in the field has allowed me to help make my patients' desire to become parents come true. These individuals often have a long history of frustrated hopes. That is why their “thank you” at the end of the process is what makes me happiest as a professional.