Dr. Cristina Guix

I always wanted to be a doctor and to this day I can say that I feel very fortunate to be able to be one. For me, human contact with my patients and making them feel supported in their search for something as sought after as a pregnancy is very important. 

The specialty of gynaecology and assisted reproduction in particular allows you to experience wonderful moments, such as the birth of a child. Not everyone can start a family easily and sometimes the journey is long and difficult. Advising them and being able to help them during the process is why my job makes perfect sense. 

Besides my job, my family and friends are the essential cornerstones of my life. I enjoy making the most of the time I spend with them. Over the years, my children have taught me to value each and every little thing. Travelling is another one of my passions: discovering other cultures, sharing different experiences and being able to remember them afterwards is exciting.