Why Barcelona IVF?

Reasons to choose Barcelona IVF:

1 Our Team

Because Barcelona IVF is an assisted reproduction clinic consisting of a multi-disciplinary team of gynecologists, andrologists, biologists, anesthesiologists and psychologists with vast experience within the field of fertility who can give solutions to all your sterility problems.




2 Blastocyst stage

  1. Because at Barcelona IVF more than 95% of the embryo transfers take place at the blastocyst stage. This also includes egg donation treatments and we always recommend it from the first treatment on.

3 Laboratory IVF

Because Barcelona IVF disposes of the most advanced In Vitro Fertilisation laboratory (IVF) which allows us to increase pregnancy rates by applying the best technologies and latest medical advances.

4 Improved pregnacy rates

  1. Because our results give us right, more than 90% of our patients achieve a pregnancy. With the effort of all the Barcelona IVF team we can make your dream come true!

5 Egg genetically tested

  1. Because Barcelona IVF guarantees the highest quality in the selection of its egg donors who undergo a genetic test to rule out until 250 different hereditary diseases.

6 Certified by the Generalitat

Because Barcelona IVF is a certified health center with its data audited by the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) insuring quality and transparency.

7 Service attending in several languages

Because Barcelona IVF disposes of a patient assistant service attending in several languages and making it possible that every couple feels well-cared for during the entire assisted reproduction treatment.

8 Contact 24 h

Because Barcelona IVF offers personalized attention 24 hours, every day, the entire year.

We individualize every case and every patient will always be treated by the same doctor.

9 Barcelona

  1. Because Barcelona is the European Capital of egg donation. One of every three cycles of egg donation in Europe is done here in Barcelona. Barcelona is a city with direct connection via airplane to all bigger European cities.

10 Without waiting lists

  1. Because in Barcelona IVF we do not have waiting lists, you can undergo an egg donation treatment in 30 days coming to the clinic only twice.