The Assisted Reproduction makes the news

In these days, the Assisted Reproduction Sector is in the news for a good reason. The Swedish Academy has rewarded the pioneer in Biology of reproduction Robert G. Edwards with the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2010. Together with the Doctor Patrick Steptoe, they obtained 33 years ago the first success in In Vitro Fertilisation, having achieved that Louise Brown was born.

This branch of gynaecology is constantly booming due the continuous increase of patients that need IVF. It is estimated that about 20% of the Spanish couples have fertility problems. For this reason a new project, full of illusion, starts in Barcelona, the cradle of fertility in Spain. We want to help couples with fertility problems and make them happy by fulfilling their wish of having children. 

Barcelona IVF is born in a festive environment that foretells new successes and advances in the sector. We want to be part of it and attend in a personalised way all the couples that begin the always difficult voyage, which is to conceive with the help of technology.


Congratulations Dr. Edwards!


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