Should we have a second child, yes or no?


Maybe you have been through the wonderful experience of motherhood for the first time and now you are considering a sibling for your child. Despite the experience and knowledge earned after the first pregnancy you now have new doubts. Deciding whether to have a second child is dependent on many factors, financial stability, family support, age… If you are filled with doubts this article is for you.


How do I know if it is the right time for a second child?

There is no perfect time, just as there is not a perfect time for a first pregnancy. Most importantly you need to think about how a new baby will affect your lifestyle, impact your finances, job, relationships and of course, your first child. Considering both the pros and cons is needed as you already perfectly know there will be sleepless and stressful days involved. Always have in mind that a newborn takes up a huge part of your time and life.

Many parents look for a second child when their first kid is still a baby. For some it may be a great challenge as it means to deal with two young children at the same time but with the right support net it can be an enriching experience for both kids.

Other families opt for waiting some years to look for a second child. As both kids are in different stages of life it might be easier to take care of them as the older one can be more independent. A routine with the first child will be already there and nights are sure to be easier to deal with.

Aside from the age gap there are other important factors to weigh in. It will never be the perfect timing but it is still relevant to think about:

  • Your current job situation
  • Your romantic partnership: is it a stable and long-lasting relationship.
  • Knowing whether you can face the new added cost of having a baby.
  • Making sure there is enough space in your current home.

What influence does age have in this decision?

Unfortunately, age is the most relevant factor when considering a new pregnancy. If you are aged between 20 and 30 you can afford a three-year age difference.

As age moves forward or if you have any health problem, you can experience issues when trying to conceive.

Luckily medicine offers a great deal of solutions to offer maternity at a later time. One of them is egg vitrification which allows to maintain your fertility till you decide to become a mother. That way you will be able to delay having a second child until you find the right moment. Barcelona IVF offers this and many other fertility treatments to help out making that dream come true.

At the end of the day, most importantly once the decision has been made, it is key to organize ourselves and to have plenty of patience to face this new challenge. Helpful is to include your first kid in taking care of their sibling to help smooth the transition as sometimes jealousy may lead to negative behavior. It is key that the first kid does not get less attention from their parents.

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