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What medication can be taken during pregnancy?

Medications that can be taken during pregnancy and the ones to avoid.

Is there any medication forbidden during pregnancy? When treating this topic, it is important to underline that pregnancy is a period of time when the woman experiments a wide range of physiologic changes. During this stage, each simple infection, pathology or medication can effect either the foetus or the mother. For this reason, usually it… Read more

Know your fertile days and get pregnant

If you are looking for a pregnancy, it is important you know your fertile days and the stages of your menstrual cycle to maximise possibilities of success. It is during mid cycle, during ovulation, when it’s more possible to obtain a pregnancy. However, not every cycle is the same and for this reason it’s important… Read more

3 determining factors for the possibility of a woman to get pregnant

There are three determining factors that can affect the possibility of a woman to get pregnant. These are the following: Age This is the most important factor in order to determine if a patient has good chances of conceiving with her own eggs. The younger a woman is the better quality her eggs will have…. Read more

Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that instead of implanting into the uterus it implants outside of it. Ectopic pregnancies are usually tubal, but in rare occasions they can be placed in other locations like the ovaries, the cervical canal or the abdomen. Ectopic pregnancy. Why does it happen? In a natural cycle, when ovulation… Read more

Miscarriage, what can cause it?

Although we consider miscarriage any loss of a pregnancy that happens before the 23rd week of pregnancy (current limit for considering a viable gestation), the vast majority of them comes about the first trimester of pregnancy. Miscarriage, possible causes Among the possible causes of miscarriage are some that have an established relationship and others whose… Read more