IVF with egg donation from 3850 euros

egg donation

Egg donation is the assisted reproduction treatment where eggs from a female donor and the sperm from a partner or donor are fertilized in the laboratory. At Barcelona IVF you can carry out this treatment for 3850 euros. When is egg donation indicated? IVF donation using donor eggs is indicated for those patients who due… Read more

Pre-menopause. Can I be a mum?


Pre-Menopause is an ilness which affects more and more women and it’s diagnosis can worry them as the tendency is to think they can never have children. However, it’s possible to be a mother thanks to assisted reproduction. What is pre-menopause? Pre-menopause ocurrs when a woman loses her ovarian function, diminishing the flow of estrogen…. Read more

Couples going through fertility treatment

Infertility Diagnosis

Couples are formed by two individuals who can be completely different. Occasionally, we do not perceive reality the same way and this makes us feel and think different ways. When confronted by an infertility diagnosis, each member in the couple has their own way of reacting to the matter. When those thoughts are felt in… Read more

False myths on assisted reproduction

Myths on assisted reproduction

Internet is the most used channel when searching for information on infertility, but the excess of information can be totally misleading. The myths on assisted reproduction are many and this generates doubts and restlessness. In this post we would like to mention some of the most common myths.. A man who has been a father… Read more

Sport and Fertility

Both the excess of sport and/or the lack of it can influence fertility. The recommendation is to exercise regularly and with moderate intensity, accompanied by a balanced diet. Sport and fertility come together, as sport provides the indispensable ingredients: it reduces the levels of stress, provides energy, helps control weight and maintain an active body…. Read more

Single mothers. Fertility treatments

Single mothers

The number of single mothers by choice continues growing in our country and more of them attend fertility centres in search of a pregnancy. Thanks to developments in reproductive medicine it is possible to obtain this by resorting to donor sperm banks. The single parent model is contemplated by the 14/2006 law where it specifies… Read more

How to get pregnant after a vasectomy or a tubal ligation

Vasectomy or tubal ligation

It is not strange for a woman with tubal ligation and a man with a vasectomy to look for a new pregnancy after some time. There are many reasons to wish for another child and personal circumstances vary with time. For this reason, many people ask if it is possible to obtain a pregnancy after… Read more

Get to know more about reciprocal IVF and shared motherhood (ROPA)

Reciprocal IVF

Assisted reproduction has evolved and adapted to new needs and new family models. An example of this is the technique known as Reciprocal IVF which makes it possible for a couple formed by two women to participate in the pregnancy process. What does Reciprocal IVF (or ROPA in Spanish) entail? This procedure, which in Spain… Read more

Own eggs or egg donation?

In Vitro fertilisation can be carried out with your own eggs or using eggs from a donor. Without a doubt, the egg is the most important factor in the prognosis of an IVF, despite the sperm and the uterus also being part of the process. There are many illnesses, genetic alterations, disorders that can cause… Read more

Polycystic Ovaries: Will I be able to be a mother?

Polystic ovaries. Will I aable to be a mother?

Polycystic ovaries are one of the most common causes for female infertility. Many women discover they have them when they are trying to get pregnant without success. Having polycystic ovaries consists in the presence of a number of follicles in the woman’s ovaries. The Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is defined as the presence of at least… Read more