Embryoscope, what is it and what are its advantages?


With a fertility treatment the egg is fertilized with a spermatozoid in a laboratory, to be more specific, inside an incubator that replicates the internal conditions of the uterus while controlling parameters like pressure and temperature. Embryos are kept in the incubator between 3 to 5 days before they are transferred to the maternal uterus…. Read more

Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Is there any solution?

Fallopian tubes

What are the fallopian tubes? The fallopian tubes are muscular conducts with an approximate length between 10 and 12 cm connecting ovaries with the uterus. Their main function is to make fecundation possible, as they allow one or more oocytes to travel along the uterine cavities to find the spermatozoids. In order to achieve fecundation,… Read more

Natural cycle IVF, what is it about?

Natural cycle IVF is a fertility treatment based on obtaining only one egg of extremely high quality. In some cases, fertility clinics offer this option since we know that sometimes our bodies are the best at choosing the highest quality egg. Natural cycle IVF is a simple treatment done, as its name indicates, during the… Read more

Azoospermia, is it possible to have children?


  Azoospermia is an alteration of the sperm’s quality meaning there is no spermatozoids when there is ejaculation. Even though is it one of the most extreme cause of infertility, assisted reproduction treatments offer the possibility to reach a pregnancy. In this article we are going to explain the different kinds of azoospermia and which… Read more

Egg freezing Myths: Are there any risks?

Egg freezing myths

  Fertility preservation is now possible with egg vitrification, a simple technique consisting in freezing oocytes which still have a good potential to produce a pregnancy. That way, whenever you chose to become a mother you are going to be able to use them and not have to worry about time constrains. Even though it… Read more

Should we have a second child, yes or no?

Have a second child

  Maybe you have been through the wonderful experience of motherhood for the first time and now you are considering a sibling for your child. Despite the experience and knowledge earned after the first pregnancy you now have new doubts. Deciding whether to have a second child is dependent on many factors, financial stability, family… Read more

Egg Vitrification. When to start?

With current fertility preservation techniques, maternity planning is within everyone’s reach. But what is the ideal age to do a vitrification treatment? How do I know what my ovarian reserve is? The battle against the biological clock We are born with a genetically determined reserve of oocytes, which is depleted throughout our lives. The decline… Read more

IVF with egg donation from 3850 euros

Egg donation is the assisted reproduction treatment where eggs from a female donor and the sperm from a partner or donor are fertilized in the laboratory. At Barcelona IVF you can carry out this treatment for 3850 euros. When is egg donation indicated? IVF donation using donor eggs is indicated for those patients who due… Read more

Pre-menopause. Can I be a mum?


Pre-Menopause is an ilness which affects more and more women and it’s diagnosis can worry them as the tendency is to think they can never have children. However, it’s possible to be a mother thanks to assisted reproduction. What is pre-menopause? Pre-menopause ocurrs when a woman loses her ovarian function, diminishing the flow of estrogen…. Read more