The epigenetics of egg donation: What is it?

Epeginetics of egg donation: what is it?

It is common that many of the couples who pursuits an egg donation to have children, do not find it easy to accept that their son or daughter will not have their genetic legacy. However, it is important to clarify that even if the baby does not carry the mother’s DNA, it doesn`t mean that… Read more

How to improve semen quality

Tips to improve semen quality

Male infertility is caused in most cases by poor semen quality that depends on three factors: the number of sperm per ml, its mobility and its morphology. This hinders or even prevents the fertilization of the ovule and with it, pregnancy. Although it may be due to genetic causes, there are many other external factors… Read more

Thyroid and fertility issues: is there any connection?

Thyroids and fertility: Their relation

The thyroid gland is located in the neck and its function is to regulate the metabolism. It works like a control panel that intervenes on all body processes including the reproductive one. If hyperthyroid and hypothyroid are not treated some difficulties may arise to get pregnant. Therefore, thyroid and fertility go hand in hand in… Read more

What medication can be taken during pregnancy?

Medications that can be taken during pregnancy and the ones to avoid.

Is there any medication forbidden during pregnancy? When treating this topic, it is important to underline that pregnancy is a period of time when the woman experiments a wide range of physiologic changes. During this stage, each simple infection, pathology or medication can effect either the foetus or the mother. For this reason, usually it… Read more

Lateral or inclined uterus: how does it affect fertility?

Inverted uterus and fertility

  The retroverted uterus, the inverted uterus or the tilted uterus is a variant in the position of the uterus inside the pelvis. According to the Spanish Gynecological Association, approximately 20% of the female population has an inverted or retroverted uterus. But does this affect you when getting pregnant? And once you’re pregnant? See below…. Read more

How to prepare for an in vitro fertilization

IVF involves four main steps: the induction of ovulation, the extraction of the ovule, fertilization and the transfer of the embryo. Before starting treatment it is important to be well informed concerning all of the steps and also to follow a series of recommendations in order to be prepared physically and mentally.  This can increase… Read more

How to calculate the date of delivery after an IVF?

delivery date after IVF

  Hippocrates was the first to determine the duration of gestation to be 280 days, 40 weeks or 10 lunar months. Subsequently, Carus and Naegele, in 1978, confirmed this to be true. Although, there is great variability in its duration due to individual factors, the most common is that birth is triggered at any time… Read more

Seven tips for choosing the right fertility clinic

One of the most important decisions to make after having been trying to get pregnant for a while is deciding to look into assisted fertility clinics. With a clear goal of becoming parents, one has nonetheless many questions needing answers. How to choose the right clinic? What do we need to value before making a… Read more

Pregnancy after cancer: is it possible?

Pregnancy after cancer: is it possible?

  There are many women who, once diagnosed with this disease or after having overcome it, wonder if it is possible to be a mother after cancer, since cancer treatments can affect fertility. Hereinafter, we tell you if cancer and pregnancy are compatible. Cancer and pregnancy “Should I have children after having had cancer?” Or… Read more

Egg donation, how to face the emotional impact?

Egg donation

Egg donation is an assisted fertility treatment used in those cases where pregnancy cannot be achieved with one’s eggs. It is currently one of the most popular fertility treatments. Nonetheless the emotional, psychological and even ethical implications might take a toll on some patients. Which are the concerns generated by an IVF with egg donation?… Read more