Barcelona IVF invited to Cradle Meetings in Glasgow

Barcelona IVF’s Medical Director, Dr. Raúl Olivares has been kindly invited by Cradle to their Cradle meetings to discuss in a friendly environment interesting medical, legal and ethical aspects of the egg donation, focusing on those aspects that are important to take into account when thinking about undergoing the treatment in Spain.

This meeting will be held at The Pond Hotel, Great Western Road, Glasgow on Thursady 7th April, commencing at 6:00 p.m.

The following matters will be thoroughly discussed:

  • Background and overview of BarcelonaIVF
  • How patients will be cared to ensure we make it the best experience possible and what sets us apart from other clinics in what we offer
  • Traditional treatments offered and new techniques
  • Fertility conditions that often lead to women requiring egg donation
  • Fertility conditions that often lead to men requiring sperm donation
  • Double donation
  • A more detailed look at egg donation (e.g. what a cycle entails, donor/recipient matching, psychological care of patients/donors at BarcelonaIVF…)
  • Legal/ethics of the egg donation in Spain

In order to do our best to help patients we’re going to donate a voucher worth 6970€, towards a treatment cycle at our clinic. This voucher would cover the cost of an IVF cycle including drugs and embryo freezing or can be redeemed against any another treatment cycle, such as egg donation, up to the value quoted above. The voucher will be presented to a lucky winner drawn from the names of those who attend Cradle’s April meeting. If you want to attend the meeting visit Cradle’s website (

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